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The bowling scoring system designed for you!

the scorecards

Made For You. And Your Friends!

ScoreMore is the perfect scoring system for home use. Play with up to four players with features like warm up (practice) normal bowling and even no-tap! With ScoreMore, your at-home bowling party becomes a success!

the menusystem

Easy and intuative to use

ScoreMore is the only bowling scoring system in the industry focused on ease of use. Every part of the software has been designed for you to use at home, without any prior knowledge about automatic scoring.

calibrating the camera

Powerful Features For Everyone

ScoreMore can connect to any standard webcam to automatically detect pins on your bowling lane. You can also connect an Arduino microcontroller for extra features like automatic ball detection and pindication lights!

ScoreMore bowling

Ready to try it?

It’s free and works on all major operating systems!

Official Videos

I've made some videos showcasing new updates as well as the general features of ScoreMore on YouTube. Feel free to take a look at some of those videos here

Videos By The Users

Braedan Brennaman and Garage Bowling Alley has been very helpful with this project by testing new features and also requesting new features to be added. Jerry Grimstad has built a fully functional pinsetter, and he is using ScoreMore together with it. Everything is automatic!


  • HCP support
  • Up to 4 simultaneous players
  • Edit in game
  • Delete a player during game
  • Change player names during game
  • Display score difference during game
  • Display maximum score during game
  • 2-frame bowling support
  • Split detection
  • Statistics support for saved player names
  • Statistics to show leaves and pickup percentages
  • Statistics to show last 10 games
  • Statistics to show averages
  • Scoring calculation
  • Scoring using a camera
  • Scoring using a keyboard
  • Scoring using sensors/pinsetter
  • Change camera threshold
  • Ability to choose which camera to use
  • Automatic triggering
  • OpenScore triggering kit compatible
  • Set automatic triggering with Arduino and sensor
  • Sends trigger signal to pinsetter
  • Pindication light support
  • Ball light (first, second, spare, strike) support
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Menu system doesn’t require a mouse
  • Fluid animations
  • Ability to use 10 different preloaded background images
  • Ability to use a custom background image
  • Ability to see animations after scoring
  • Ability to set custom animations
  • Ability to change lane number
  • AM/PM and 24hr clock
  • Scorecards in color or monochrome
Documentation mockup

It’s All Documented

The ScoreMore Documentation will guide you through everything the software has to offer, including how to setup working pindication lights for your masking unit, or how to add a player to the statistics page. It’s all there if ever you would need it.

ScoreMore PRO

An alternative for the pro.
Advanced features and new design elements to level up the ScoreMore experience.
The feature list is short at the moment, but will grow with every new release.
Keep a look out for your dream feature, or request it on the contact page above.

  • Play up to 6 players
  • Video Animation Support
  • Custom play limit
  • Multiple Screen Support (Beta)
  • S.E.S Pinsetter Support (Beta)
  • New Scorecard Graphics
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$50 - Forever

ScoreMore Pro is a $50 one time purchase. You'll keep your license when you install new versions of ScoreMore, as long as you want. You'll also get all the new features without any extra cost. Contact us using the contact form above, for more information and purchasing. (License is valid for one computer only.)

Help the project!

ScoreMore is completely free! But if you are an awesome person, I would greatly appreciate a donation:

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