A Bowling Scoring System

ScoreMore is the perfect scoring program for home use. Working on all major platforms, it's the only scoring software that is accessible to everyone!

Easy To Use

ScoreMore has the ability to track score of up to 4 players, either by using a webcam or by the use of a keyboard. Even the advanced features of the interface are user friendly.

Videos By Me, ThinkCleverAndSmart:

I've made some videos showcasing new updates as well as the general features of ScoreMore on YouTube. Feel free to take a look at some of those videos here

Videos By Braedan Brennaman:

Braedan Brennaman has been very helpful with this project by testing new features and also requesting new features to be added. Take a look at his videos here, where he shows ScoreMore working on his mini bowling lane!

Videos By Jerry Grimstad:

Jerry Grimstad had built his very own fully functional pinsetter, and he is using ScoreMore together with it. A laser sensor detects the ball and everything is automatic. Check out his videos, including progress updates on his pinsetters on his channel! Here's a full game:

Feature list:

Ready To Try It Out?

ScoreMore is completely free! But if you are an awesome person, I would greatly appreciate a donation to:

Now all you have to do is go to the download page and get your game started!

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