ScoreMore 1.6.1, Latest Version:

Mac Windows Linux Raspberry Pi

Installation Instructions


Double click the installation file to install. After installation is done (drag the app to the folder shown in the installer) you can eject the installer and move it to the trash. If the program doesn't have the option to open after installation, right click and select open.

Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon processors are yet to be optimized for. Support will come this year. Installation instructions same as above, since ScoreMore currently uses Rosetta to run on Apple Silicon Macs. No major performance differences have been noticed


Note! 32-bit versions of windows are not supported! You may be alerted that the program is unsafe. That's because I haven't paid for a developer licence. You should be able to install the program anyways. The windows installer will only install the program. It can be deleted after installation is complete. To uninstall the program, move it to the recycling bin or uninstall it from your programs list.


More info coming when someone testing on linux tells me how it works ;)

Raspberry Pi

Simply double click the file. As far as I can tell, there's no installation needed.

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